Thursday, 15 March 2018

Work with the Yacht Broker that customers love: Boatshed’s digital platform and modular sales process have reinvented the business...

It’s tough being in the boat sales business. Customers get frustrated, as they never seem to find exactly what they want. Boat owners can’t make up their minds to sell. Both are fed up with the lack of information about the boat and the sale, and the overall lack of transparency. And both sides blame all the frustration on the yacht broker, who just tries to make everyone happy.

Unless you work for Boatshed. At Boatshed, we are reinventing the yacht brokerage business for the digital age. Buyers and sellers don’t go to the boatyard or the broker’s office to find a boat today – they go online.

Complete Transparency, Total Control

The Boatshed online platform enables complete transparency for both buyers and sellers. Everything the buyer wants to know about the boat is right there, along with a swathe of photos, so that the buyer can decide if he or she is seriously interested before even going to see the boat. For the seller, the entire brokerage process is managed via the platform, so that the well-informed seller can work closely with the broker.

Modular Boat Sales Process

Earn 20%, 40% or 60% of the Brokerage commission when boats sell.

Boatshed has also broken down the sales process into separate modules, so that it is possible to work with them on only part of the sale and still profit from it.

Can you find listings ? Recommend a friend or invite your existing customers to list their boats. If you find a listing that leads to a sale, then you earn up to 20 per cent of commission.

Carry out the 'on the ground' element of the process, which means meeting the the owner on board, taking the photographs for the listing and accompanying buyers on viewings, handing over the keys and receive up to 20 per cent of the commission when the boat sells.

For the the first 2 processes no selling or negotiating elements are involved, you simply need to love boats.

If you would like to make up to 60% of the commission and for the right people, we offer an enhanced training programme that enables them to get involved in the Brokerage role. This includes liaison with customers, negotiation, working with marinas, and a number of other critical parts of the sales process. You will receive up to 20 per cent of the commission when the boat sells.

With Boatshed, you can design your role in the yacht brokerage sales process, achieve your own goals, and join the yacht brokerage customers love. You’ll get full support from our global organisation as well.

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